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Make your home or business as close to you as your computer


Unigal Systems will assist you in the installation of State of the Art Digital video surveillance systems that provide live viewing and motion detection along with scheduling and recording of video surveillance cameras.

We offer a wide variety of digital video surveillance management systems. Our expertise is developing the best plan for your immediate & future needs while always considering your budgetary restraints.

Custom video systems from 1-100 cameras available.

Remotely view your cameras from any internet access point in the world. Whether you have live or recorded video stream, you can securely access these cameras using a wired or wireless network.

IP-Surveillance is a new technology that is revolutionizing security monitoring. No capture cards or other special hardware devices are used in host PC.

Improve your productivity, your efficiency, your security, and your peace of mind with Unigal Systems's remote video surveillance. Transmitting live video directly to your laptop, your palmpilot, or even your cell phone. Our technology makes it as easy as a click of the mouse.

Consumer Alert
Be aware of old technology

If you're updating your system don't consider moving backwards with old technology. We have the latest breakthrough in affordable visual surveillance. Proven, unobtrusive surveillance camera technology using simple PC-based software.

Present video systems use VHS tapes, leaving gaps in your security video system.

Many video security companies have invested millions of dollars in their old DVR systems. That's why they push their equipment. Don't get caught as a recipient of old technology.

Generally most CCTV systems run groups of cables from every camera back to the security office where recording equipment and viewing takes place.

Older CCTV systems use 3 cables for each camera thus increasing the cost of any future changes in locations. Moving or installing additional cameras is very expensive and can require all new cable.

State of the Art Features

  • Images can be recorded based upon video detection or a triggered event
  • Notification can be done with pager/email
  • Adjustable schedules for hour/day/week
  • Digital cameras are easily upgradeable, increasing the future options per camera
  • Remote monitoring provides peace of mind, knowing that your only a mouse click away.

Applications for Digital Remote Video

  • Weather cameras
  • Daycare centers
  • Traffic cameras
  • Construction sites
  • Live web cams
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Home
  • Parking lots
  • Retail business
  • Utilities

Benefits of Remote Video Security

Replacement of defective hardware requires less time and expenditure, prodvind true cost effectiveness, than with proprietary DVR equipment.

The ability to upgrade and revamp existing systems utilizing your older equipment so that your video can work with newer more productive devices.

Possible insurance reductions - Many insurance companies will reevaluate your business coverage and premiums that you pay.

Protect against theft - one of the least expensive ways to deter criminals.

Employee management - Are the employees following rules and procedures? Are they coming in on time? Are there losses of goods and inventory? Upront registers, backrooms, and quiet isles can be monitored.

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