Unigal Systems Camera

Vivotek 3111

IQ Eye 3

352x240 NTSC
352x288 PAL
Frame Rate
Up to 30 NTSC
Up to 25 PAL

Vivotek 3111

  • MPEG4 Network Camera
  • Easy to use and high quality remote video surveillance system on TCP/IP network.
  • Self-contained network camera comprises an MPEG4 compression engine, network servers and color camera.
  • Optimal synchronization of audio & video for best effect
  • High quality audio compression engine
  • Three ways to transmit video & audio with auto detector
  • Extension for auto iris lens Video motion detection with 3 sensitive windows.
  • Support dial-in and dial-out via external modem
  • Configurable maximum bandwidth.
  • Automatic remote image retrieval and storage via e-mail and FTP with event triggering.

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