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Remote Video Checklist

Remote Digital Video

Questions that should be asked

  1. What is the ultimate objective?

    • Remotely view selective sites from other locations.
    • Monitoring of live activity for security purposes.
    • Provide peace of mind, so you know exactly what is going on.

  2. Video observation can be obtained using a variety of cameras, covering a wide price range. Your choice is dependent on how much security / clarity that your budget can afford.

  3. Is there the ability to view, record, and access previous video without having to wait for tapes to rewind?

  4. Is there a present (CCTV) system installed? Do you want to incorporate existing cameras into a digital system? We can utilize older equipment into a newer state-of-the-art system, providing a savings on your present investment.

  5. Does the new system support open architecture for seamless integration with existing CCTV components?

  6. Our digital technology utilizes computer hard drives as storage units. Your video history can be stored for weeks or months based upon your hard drive's size.

  7. What company will give me the most for our budget?

  8. What type of installation should I expect?

  9. Can we do any of the work ourselves to save money?

  10. What is the Total Cost of Ownership?

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